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  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    HI Silas Johnson, that's odd, indeed.

    If I understand the issue correctly:

    • The issue is regarding the first bump email, not the second (as you shared here)
    • The requester's email client has no problems receiving Zendesk ticket notifications (i.e. they don't end up in spam, there are no automated rules to delete or move them from Inbox, etc)
    • Do both automations have the same HTML body?

    Overall, the workflow is working; the first automation is even tagging the ticket correctly.

    What does the pop-up show when you click that #2045600098485 link (first automation event on your ticket events)?

  • Silas Johnson

    it shows the email. Client never received it. Both automations have same html body, different text though. Thanks for responding. Here is also a screenshot of the trigger

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Silas,

    I was able to check further into the email notifications # 2045600098485, and # 1844096791361, and upon investigation, we have confirmed that the emails were successfully sent from our server.

    It is already outside of our scope to check whether or not the emails were successfully received by the email address where those notifications should have been received.

    What we can suggest is for your end-user to check their spam/junk folder from their inbox, but if they're having trouble receiving emails, the issue is unlikely to be on our end.

    Hope this helps! Stay safe! (:

  • Silas Johnson

    Thanks for the response! For some reason, its all of a sudden working now! I did check spam initially and nothing showed up. That was the weirdest part, because I could also see that it was being sent from your end. Thanks for all the help, you guys are awesome!


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