Need to have visibility on who hung up first

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    Sean Chuang
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello community,

    Thanks for all the +1s. We are in the midst of developing some large scale features and as soon as those are out, we will turn our attention on these very important incremental updates. At this time, I am not able to provide a more specific timeline but we are actively evaluating all of your requests. 

    Thanks again for everyone's patience. 


  • Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Benny, 

    Thanks for the feedback. We understand your frustration in not being able to know who hung up the call first. 

    We will add your request to our product backlog for future consideration.

    One partial workaround may be to listen back to the call recordings to see if you can figure out who hung up the call. 


  • Ray

    +1 on this feature request! 

  • James Knights

    +1 from me too!

  • Luiza


  • Lauren Montgomery


  • Laurenz


  • Hanni

    Badly need this feature, Zendesk!

  • Ben Wilmot

    This is an essential feature for call centres. Unfortunately, Zendesk isn't the only CRM missing this. Gamma are still working on this feature.

  • Christopher Powell

    I agree this feature is needed, the interesting part is Support is able to see this information on their end it is just not accessible to users. It seems inefficient to have to submit a support ticket to find this information out for a specific call.

  • yanko.chakarov


    This is something we really need as well.

    Is there any update on the timeframe of the implementation of this functionality?

  • Anastasia Kachanova

    + 1 

    We have agents cheating the system like this.

    To have visibility of WHO has ended the call is vital for any call center. We need to have clear visibility whether call was ended by customer or something has happened on our side. 

    Imagine that we have 1k calls a day, we cannot physically listen to all call recordings to figure out if there is an issue and from what side it's coming.

  • Rachael Kolman

    Any updates on when something like this may be available?


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