Support should include a bell icon that provides a quick overview of unread @mentions

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  • Darren Bell

    +1 to this.

    Zendesk have this feature on this site. I have a bell icon next to my name with a number inside a red circle and then all the Notifications on followed posts. So they know how to do it! :-)

  • Budke, John

    I've always wondered why there is no notification or sound (a la Outlook) when a ticket is created or updated.  The only ways I know when something actionable has arrived is by a) leaving the ZD window open on a 2nd screen; b) checking it often; c) the mobile app - my chief method since it does alert; d) having an email sent (which we do for updates and reopens, but not new).


  • Ron de Vries


    This would be great! And as Darren Bell mentions: Zendesk already has this in their own Help Centre. Would be great if this could be made available for their customers as well. 



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