Internal notes not emailed to Light Agent requesters

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  • Kat Brooks

    We're running into the same thing.  We just started using both light agents and the enhanced CC, so I didn't know what the root cause was, but it's the same result as above.

    We did find a workaround, but it's not great for long term use.  We're now adding the light agent as a follower on the ticket and replying using only internal notes, then they get the full string of the ticket.  (Doing just one of those things doesn't work, it has to be both.)

  • Charlotte Callaert

    Upvoting this one since I've heard this from other customers. 

  • Ron de Vries


    Any news on this?

  • Benjamin Andersen

    Same here and been trying with Zendesk Support to find a workaround but without luck.

  • Katie Barnes

    Upvoting as we are having this issue too. Has anyone heard about a work around? 


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