Please provide a user specific 'Access' option for a user to view and add comments to all org tickets when the org's 'Users' setting is 'Can view own tickets only'

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  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback, Stephen!
  • Jake Warren

    +1 for me on this, surprised to not see more votes on this one, some client power users want to be able to interject on tickets for those that they manage, and not having this option prevents that.

    Stephen Bentley - Other than the mentioned workaround did you discover any other easy ways to solve for this scenario?

  • Phillip Mockridge

    +1 on this request. It would be beneficial if there was a third option at the user Access level: "Can view and edit tickets within user's Org".
    Our customers have proactive leadership and they want the ability to comment publicly on tickets within their Org.
    Simply being able to provide this access at the user level will enable us to restrict this ability to only the identified "Power Users" without enabling this access to all end-users within the Org.

  • Olivier MAS

    I didn't find your ticket easily ; I only was invited to watch it when I started to create "Authorize only 1 end-user to read and write comment to all organization tickets". Maybe a title simplification could help this feature to be more voted : I already watched many posts (ex : 2 from Whitney Votaw and Brettany Rhodes) talk about this feature.


    UPDATE : Your workoround article seems not be able anymore. By the way creating a trigger to automatically add a user in CC of all tickets organization could be the workaround.


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