Format issue: Macro Menu Location Moved on March 30 - now covers part of forms

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    JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Trudy Slaght!

    Moving the macro menu to the left side of the interface was an intentional decision on Zendesk’s end for the following reasons:

    • This enables us (from a design & implementation perspective) to enable agents to resize the width of their ticket fields panel so that they could see more ticket fields in view, whenever needed.
    • In the near-future, this will enable us (again from a design & implementation perspective) to provide admins full layout customization of the Zendesk ticket interface.

    We do hear you load and clear on the extra space taken up by the macro menu covering a part of the ticket fields section. We’re making some enhancements in the following weeks to reduce the vertical spacing between each field, so that agents could see more fields in the default width of the ticket fields panel. I’ll keep you posted.

  • CJ Johnson

    We've got a lot of folks who don't love this change, either. It makes it more difficult to scroll to the bottom. 

  • JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We've reduced the vertical spacing between ticket fields (while still taking aesthetics into account), and removed the horizontal separator between the Brand and the Requester field, so that we maximize the amount of ticket fields agents could see in their default browser viewport.

  • Becky

    We also hate the move of the macros drop down to the far left.  It literally does nothing but get in the way!  It looks terrible too not being in line with the reply section.  If you've made adjustments - it's still terrible!

    Why do you guys constantly break what isn't broken!

    Btw, I think you meant to say 'LOUD and clear'.

  • Anastasia Unruh

    same here, got a lot of feedback from our agents that it is not intuitive having the macro drop down on the left :(


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