Click tab to copy ticket ID


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  • Nils Odlund

    This appears to have been a temporary issue, and it's now working again. :)

  • Firstbeat Technologies Oy

    I did not know that this "feature" existed but now that I do, I want it! For me clicking the ticket# from the tab does not copy it, so how did you get it to work? Is there a setting for it?

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Is the one click copy feature available in Agent Workspace or the previous UI?

  • Nils Odlund

    My apologies. It appears that I misunderstood the error report from the agent. After highlighting the button, it's still required to press Ctrl+C to copy the number. Apparently, for a while it did not work, but then the functionality returned.

  • Meike Kipphan

    For us it would be nice too, if we can copy the ticket id with one klick


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