Easier way to review text (sms) history


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    Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Tyler, 

    Thanks for the detailed use case description. You are 100% correct - the text history page is not scaling well for high volume accounts. It's something we're planning on updating later this year. 



  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback, Tyler!
  • Tyler Comfort

    Thanks Martin Holmes - one thing I'll add is while I think parsing the SMS log table is definitely useful, I've come around to thinking the api log is a better option.  We'd like an accurate history of our SMS interactions, but if the phone number on the zendesk profile changes that number is lost.  


    Currently with emails you can "view original email" as well as find the email address in the comments api (although that could be easier).  As far as I can tell sms number data does not exist in the api, and I definitely know it doesn't exist in the ticket UI.  Having that information more visible would alleviate a lot of our problems.  If I had to pick between solving the SMS log scalability or documenting sms numbers in the api/ticket ui, I'd go with the latter, although either improvement is welcome.


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