Bulk Import of Holidays to Schedules

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  • mfg

    The interface provided is not efficient, and requires repeat entry for holidays across years. 

    If there was a CSV import we could easily add a decade's worth of holidays. This would save time for the admin but also help prevent forgetting to do this every year at the start of the year.

    Using a CSV template, something like:

    || holiday name | start date | end date ||

    And when you're typing in the dates you need to use mm/dd/yyyy, can't use m/d/yy, which is a minor annoyance. Since the default end date is [today] - it would be nice if you could leave it blank and have the value from the start date used for the end date.

  • Irina Gorelik

    I am upvoting this.

    I have multiple schedules for US shifts, so instead of easily taking a few mouse clicks to upload the same holidays, I have to spend ~15 minutes or more copy-pasting the same holiday names + dates I did previous years. Even an API endpoint would be great because a straightforward postman request would achieve this more simply than the current interface. 

  • JI

    +1 upvote from me!

    Managing teams in different countries means manual creation of individual holidays for each schedule.  A very unnecessarily time consuming activity in this day and age.

    Bulk import would be a big help.


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