Ability to completely separate Brands

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  • Collin Cunninghame

    Yes, this is the one thing I miss from hub-and-spoke. You can prevent agents from viewing tickets outside of their current groups, but I haven't ever seen an instance where it made sense to apply that restriction to everyone, considering how absolutely overloaded "group" is.

  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thanks for your feedback around the separation of brands. We are currently piloting Private Groups which I think should help solve for your use case.

    Private ticket groups provide more granular control over the visibility and access to tickets based on group assignment by completely hiding private tickets from agents who don't have permission to view them. When creating a group, you'll designate it as either public (the default) with the group's tickets visible to non-members or private with the group's tickets invisible to non-members. Then, when defining custom agent roles, there are new ticket access permissions to specify access to public and private tickets.

    We should be generally releasing this soon so please stay tuned!


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