Allow Admin to Select Behavior of Solved Tickets When Offboarding an Agent

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  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 we are running into this all the time as offboardings are a very manual effort with a lot of steps and it can be forgotten.

  • CJ Johnson

    +1, I would really like to have the behavior be different as well. 
    I have a not great workaround I use, which is to set up a trigger to move a ticket from Solved, to Closed when a tag is present. I add the tag to all Solved tickets for the agent, and downgrade the agent after the tickets are in Closed, which keeps them locked in as the Assignee even after being downgraded. If the customer follows up, it'll be a new ticket.  This method is not great, and I run into problems with it constantly. I often have several hundred tickets I need to move from solved to closed, and even if I set up an automation to add the tag, if I am off boarding a lot of agents, I end up having to wait several hours since automations stop after 1000 tickets on each run.  Additionally, right now it only works 80% of the time, and just fails 20% of the time. Support is looking into that as a bug, but it's another example of how the current set up is difficult and adds time and effort to these tasks. 

  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 definitely run into this!


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