Please undo the change that opens the chat constantly now


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    Madison Hoffman
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hey everyone, just circling back to report that a change to this behavior was released on August 17. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts!

  • Christian Vesely

    This is super annoying. Can we please remove this function?

  • Jeff Aronow

    Agree, this is terrible and annoying.  I think it was happening because I had unread items in the chat.  But if I close it anyway then save this state.  Isn't that what cookies are for?

  • CJ Johnson

    It turned out there was a message from months and months ago on a closed ticket that thought it had something unread, once I scrolled through all the chats ever until I found the one with the red circle and opened it/touched it enough, this stopped happening!  Maybe putting the unread messages at the top of the pile would help? 

  • Sy Sussman

    I had the same problem, contacted Zendesk support, and was told that this is a feature, not a bug. CJ is right that, once you read all of the unread chats, the bot goes away.

  • Braydon Bolton

    We don’t even have chat turned on and we are experiencing this issue.

  • Sy Sussman

    Braydon: It's not the bot that your customers would see. It's Zendesk's bot that allows them to provide customer service to you. I don't think there's an option to turn on/off that bot.

  • Lloyd Norman

    I sometimes get two support ZD bots overlap each other. Have also had about 9 unread messages from ZD bot asking how can it help after page refreshes and etc.

  • Steve Lacoss
    Zendesk Luminary

    I was told that it only will do that if there are previously unread messages.  I suggest opening each unread message and it will stop popping up.

  • Nature's Sleep

    VERY ANNOYING to have this rolled out with no method to control it. What a time waster for the whole team!

  • Steve Eli

    OMG yes. Make this stop please for the love of all that is good.

  • Madison Hoffman
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi everyone, so sorry for the silence on this one and I want to acknowledge that we hear your frustration with this behavior.

    We were consistently hearing from customers that it was difficult to know when there was an update from Zendesk on your issue, and launched this hoping to make those updates more obvious. We hear you that the approach ended up feeling intrusive and unintuitive.

    We're working to update the behavior so that instead of automatically opening the widget, when you have an unread notification, you'll just see the badge with an icon indicating there's an update (see screenshot). We're hoping to roll this change out within the next month.

    The previous comments stating that this pops up when you have an unread message are correct; as you read an unread update, the notification and button will disappear. The widget does only load your most recent conversations (by creation date) so you may need to scroll to keep loading the older conversations.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions and feedback, I have made note of the following:

    • You'd like the widget to remember that you closed it using the X button
    • You'd like conversations with unread messages to appear at the top of the list
    • You'd like to have general flexibility/control over when and how this appears

    We'll take this feedback into account as we plan future updates.

    Lloyd, what you're seeing is definitely unexpected! Is this still happening? 

  • David Bond

    I can't cancel my account. I've signed in to the account but the instructions given by the team are not accurate.
    I repeat. I can not cancel my account.
    You have my authority to close it on my behalf

  • Madison Hoffman
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi David! I can see that our support team is helping you in a ticket. I recommend you continue to work with them there. 


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