Required fields are not really REQUIRED

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  • Ryan P.

    Just another end user here; but I believe it's only required to "Solve" the ticket, not for submitting during any other status. Certainly would be nice to have a distinction between the two.

    EDIT: To expand, if the field is required for end-users (on a Form), then it is required to submit the request right away. So there is a difference between required for agent and required for requester.

  • Lou
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    Jeff Stephenson

    Ryan P. is correct. To add to it, you can use triggers to "force" a required field. The conditions depend on your needs, but you can change the status to Open and email the assignee/agent that the field was not entered.

    We use this to reopen a ticket if a field we want entered when solved was not. Works great.

  • Mike Konstantin

    Ryan P. and Lou,

    It depends on how the Fields are configured, as I am running into a similar issue (I have an active ticket open with Zendesk Support team) since the release of the new Field behavior with Agent Workspace. The issue is that you don't set a Default value, but the system is auto-setting the "NULL" (i.e. " - ") value as a valid default Field option, and thus the "Required" is no longer required by a person. Since the "Required" is being sufficed by a default value being set, the system doesn't care if a person makes a selection or not.


  • Jeff Stephenson

    Thank you. Is there a way to have the trigger stop the message from being sent to the customer if the required field was not selected? In this example the dropdown is suppose to insert the specific required field property into the message and sometimes these tickets need to be sent as "Pending". Can the trigger halt this and for the agent to select the required option? I'm baffled why these are called "required fields" in the first place. 

  • Mike Konstantin

    Jeff Stephenson,

    They use to work as "Required", until about a week or so ago (at least for my company). Also, I noticed this seems to only occur within the Agent Workspace environment, as we utilize two instances where only one uses the Agent Workspace functionality, while the other uses the old style (has Agent Workspace enabled for implementation, but not turned on for Agents).

    As for your Trigger rule, depending on how it is built, you could look at just adding the Condition of "<specified field> is not " - " " and that should ensure it doesn't perform its actions at that time.


  • Mike Konstantin

    Jeff Stephenson, Lou, and Ryan P.,

    After being on a Zoom call with a Zendesk Support agent, I now better understand the issue at hand...

    Prior to the recent Fields section changes, the behavior was:

      "Required to Submit" is set for both Agent and End User
      "Required to Solve" is set for both Agent and End User

    While the new behavior is:

      Agent allows for "Required to Solve"
      End User allows for "Required to Submit"

    It is nice to have them broken out, but the "Required to Submit" option should also be set to the Agent section as well, as we utilized a bunch of "internal" Forms that we require our Agents to fill out. As such, the new behavior should look like:

      Agent allows for "Required to Submit" and "Required to Solve"
      End User allows for "Required to Submit"

    Having to go and generate a ton of Form Conditions and/or Triggers to support Agents being forced to set Fields for submitting their ticket is not a viable option for us.


  • CJ

    It would be great if Zendesk would announce changes like this to the product, perhaps in the weekly release notes.  This is a huge workflow change that will impact us heavily and this is the first I've seen anything about this. 

  • Mike Konstantin

    Lou (et al),

    I believe I found another reason this issue is now occurring; Prior to the changes to the Fields section, Fields that allowed for selecting a "Default" value had a "Set as Default" flag next to each listed option, and could be selected or un-selected as needed.

    With the new behavior, there is a drop-down pick-list at the bottom of the Field configuration page, which appears to auto-select the " - " as the "Default" value, just in case no value is selected. I say this, as the " - " has a checkmark next to it when viewing the list, and if I select another value, the checkmark now moves to that value.

    Since the system sees this as a valid "Default" value, the requirements for the Field are now considered as "met", when that is not the case (we are looking for the user to specify a listed value that is not " - ", as this is considered a "null" value generated by the system).


  • Julie Force

    I have a drop down that I need to require for the end user to submit a ticket. It is important that the end user specify one of the two options and if I set a default they will skip the question entirely and not update the field to the correct value. However, if I set no default, Zendesk assumes that the blank value is a choice and does nto require the user to choose from the two actual options.  How do I work around this issue? 

  • Asaf Max

    I too would like there to be the ability to set the required to submit on the agent level. We have internal staff from different departments creating tickets on behalf of an end user without filling in required fields, causing the agent that handles the tickets to chase after them or the end user for the missing information. This causes delays and gives off a negative end user experience as they would expect us to already know the information that we are requesting (since it is one of our internal staff that is creating the tickets).


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