SLAs should work properly with social messaging and Talk lines!


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    Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to share you feedback with us! It looks like we have a similar request here: WhatsApp SLAs. I will be closing out this thread for comments and any future related feedback can be directed to our other open thread. 

    Regarding SLAs working with Talk lines, we also have this relevant thread that you can continue sharing your feedback in: Apply First Reply Time SLA to Tickets Created from Talk Voicemails

    Thanks again!

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I'm one of the Product team here at Zendesk and I really appreciate your feedback on this important topic. I have some good news to share which is that we do plan to support reply time SLAs for Messaging, and that's scheduled for Q1 of 2023. There is a technical reason why these comments are not currently visible for SLA purposes, so it does require some work to make this happen. We don't currently have a timeline identified for adding this same support for Talk, but it's on our radar. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out.

  • Neill Shurville

    Hey Scott Allison Scott Allison

    As we move into 2023, can you confirm the status of this update? This is a major drawback for a company that targets true omni-channel support like us.

    SLAs simply have to work for messaging! It's a fundamental part to offering support through messaging.

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Neill Shurville We're just starting the work now to support reply time SLAs in Messaging conversations... expect another update in Q1 on the release timing.  

  • Trudy Slaght

    We have gotten around this temporarily by using work time SLA on messaging conversations along with a tag that gets added if the conversation switches to email - at which point the SLA switches to the appropriate email-based SLA.

    We use a similar solution for talk tickets however the biggest challenge is that under the current system, if we call a customer because they haven't replied to an email and we want to make sure they've received the email, that phone call does not re-set in the SLA in any manner so we still have to send a f/u email. (It's needless work if the reason for the phone call doesn't require an email to re-cap what's been discussed.)

    The work-time is an imperfect solution though so it would be great if an outbound phone call could be counted as an agent reply or if an inbound call triggered the initial "public reply" that starts the next reply timer etc.

    Looking forward to seeing an update on this in the new year. I would agree that there are a few pain points in ZD that don't take into account how businesses who offer omnichannel support are using ZD. (I'm still stunned that unified agent status was rolled out without having any kind of thought that agents can only serve one live channel at a time. It seems like a major oversight.) 


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