Feature Request - SLA Policy Activate and Deactivate

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  • CJ Johnson

    Highly agree, another use case here, we have seasonal SLAs and I would like to preserve the state of things in the off-seasons for those SLAs. 

  • David Brown

    For the time being, my workaround is to add some impossible "ALL" condition combos, and being that all of my ticket forms use "type" as an attribute field, I set policy such that "type is question" + "type is task" + "type is problem" + "type is incident" which is impossible to be a positive true situation, conversely this can be done by making an ALL condition using "is not" for conditions that would normally always be present. I however would prefer to not monkey with the policy and try to remember what it was I did to make it non-functional and just archive it as deactivated.


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