Automated article suggestion in Flow Builder


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  • Ahmed Zaid
    Community Moderator

    Hi Equipe Business Technology,

    I was just as confused at the start. It turns out, every free text response will search your help center for relevant content AFTER the bot tries to match it with higher priority logic.

    Here is how the text response is processed as far as I understand:

    1. If it is sent during an "options" step, the bot matches it with the options
    2. If no match is found, the bot matches it with your answer flows
    3. If no match is found, your public help center is searched
    4. If no match is found, the fallback flow is triggered "I didn't get that, can you rephrase your question? or you can START OVER"

    I found the results weren't always pretty and I got the wrong matches more often than not, but at least this is how it is documented here.


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