CSAT For Talk - Initiation upon end of call rather than ticket status


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    Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ronit, 

    We do not have trigger functionality that can automatically send a CSAT email/text based on the call ending. 

    One way it can send a CSAT email or text is based on the ticket status changing. Many customers use the trigger condition: 

    Ticket    Is   "Updated"
    Tag  Is "CSAT_Text" 

    Then for trigger action: 

    Text User : Requester
    From: "Phone number" 
    Body: Insert CSAT URL Link 

    Remove Tag : "CSAT_Text" 

    It's important to remove the tag that triggers the CSAT email/text as part of the Trigger action, so that if the conversation needs to continue on the ticket (or it gets reopened), then the end-user won't get another CSAT email/text. 

    Any further questions, please let me know. 



    Martin Holmes
    Senior Product Manager | Zendesk Talk

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