Why do Zendesk support make it so hard?

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  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Simon Forslund

    Ommmm. Calm down.

    And, naturally, welcome to the club.

    As you have seen in Josh's post Bring back email/phone support - nobody likes Z Bot, other customers are feeling the problems too. I have been outspoken about my take on this; see 

    ZBot - why I LOVE bots ...

    It's almost a year old, and Zendesk hasn't even posted a reply, a deflecting statement - just nothing. One has to assume that they have to use a bot to generate answers themselves, and the bot has the same effect on the internals as on the externals: It p.... (activity involving yellow body fluid) them off.

    It is a long-standing tradition in Zendesk to take ages to recognize the value of some customer  feedbacks.

    That's what's going on in hell ... eh, at San Francisco.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Simon,

    I would like to apologize if you feel that we are not providing the adequate support that you need. However, our Bot is designed to capture your concern and route it to the right support group. It will require you to sign in with your email and provide a code to make sure that we are observing the security and privacy of the account. Once verified, it will then provide you with a form on which you can provide a short description of your concern. I understand that it's currently limited to 128 characters. But once you are done with the form, you can provide additional information on the widget.

    Depending on the severity of the issue, a ticket will be routed to our support that has a goal FRT of either 15 minutes or 48 hours.

    More information can be found on Contacting Zendesk Customer Support.

    Feel free to try it again and I can assure that once you get the hang of it, it will be easier the next time you use it. Our bot is not only designed to self solve issue but to make sure that tickets are routed correctly.
  • Simon Forslund

    To further elaborate on my concerns, I think it's important to have multiple options available for customers to contact support, as each customer may have their own preferences and needs. While the bot may be helpful in certain situations, it may not be able to fully address more complex issues that require more in-depth, personalized support.

    It's important to consider the impact of the bot on customer satisfaction. Customers may feel frustrated or disengaged if they are not able to communicate their concerns effectively or if they feel like they are not being heard. This could potentially lead to negative reviews or decreased customer loyalty. I also wanted to bring up my hesitation in contacting your support team. In the past, I've found that trying to communicate with your team has often led to frustration and miscommunication. We are currently setting up Talk and getting verified took long time, no information sent but as soon I complaint it was approved. I am still waiting for you to reply on how to get local numbers, took over 1 week so far.

    There have been instances where my messages seemed to get lost or were not properly addressed, which has made it difficult to get the support I needed. I'm not sure if this is due to your agents not being thorough enough or if there's an issue with your system, but it has been a consistent problem.

    Regarding the email option, I believe that it's essential to provide customers with the flexibility to choose how they would like to communicate their concerns. Removing this option may limit the accessibility of support for some customers and cause unnecessary inconvenience.

    I've also spoken to several of your partners in my search for support, and we all seem to share a similar sentiment. It's unfortunate that a customer service system like Zendesk is not able to provide good service to its own customers, and it's become a bit of a joke among those who work with your system. I hope that this feedback can be taken constructively to improve the overall customer experience

    Lastly, I understand that the goal of the bot is to improve the efficiency and accuracy of ticket creation, but it's important to ensure that this is not being done at the expense of the customer experience. I would encourage you to consider additional ways to improve the support experience for your customers while still maintaining the benefits of the bot's capabilities..

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Yes. Exactly. 

  • Scott Patterson

    Echoing this, whenever I need to use Zendesk Support it's for something a bit complicated. In the chat bot I can't even post a whole explanation with screenshots showing whatever issue or bug I've come across. It's an entirely ineffective way of sharing information on non-simple issues.

    These days I just open the chat bot and tell them to send me an email so I can actually tell them what my issue is instead of waste time in a limited chat window.

    Terrible support experience for a company that promotes an 'omni-channel' experience, but limits their own customers to one channel.


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