Pathetic - Unable to request help with an enterprise plan


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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Pat - 

    I just took a look and it appears you were able to get help from a support agent shortly after you posted this, but do let us know if you're still looking for assistance with anything. 

    I have passed this post along to the team that manages our bot experience as well so that they're aware of the experience you had. 

  • Jay Scott

    Yes, a customer support software company should have zero seconds with bots once a person requests "agent" etc.

  • Tom Leeson

    its total tosh agreed!  way too complex takes flaming ages

    and then they answer hours later sometimes and hit you with a canned answered . oh you are not online - will close ticket...

    TBH the chat thing is quite useless - takes you in circles

    much better for what really works time and tested: 

    create new request  >    search articles  > non there ?  ok submit ticket with topic area/ billing or product area

    horrifically bad support center for a company that sells SAAS.,. it really doenst add up


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