Custom Ticket status for brand specific

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  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    This is very much needed. I would also add Ticket Forms/Groups as a required filtering for Custom Statuses. Some teams have a single brand, but multiple functions that require support of different statuses!

    As it stands now, we unfortunately can't leverage this feature, which is too bad because it's sorely needed!

  • Shehryar Khaliq Lodhi

    Yes, +1 for this please need this very urgent as per the business requirements.

  • Stephen


    I agree with Dan R. - with the ability to assign Custom Statuses to individual Ticket Forms, the feature would be far more useful.


  • Shehryar Khaliq Lodhi

    +1+1 one more support

  • Kate

    Hi all, I +1 this as well, specifically being able to designate by group, although I can see why brand and ticket form are important as well.

    I told a team all about this feature and learned it would be critical to them onboarding any additional workflows. However, their custom status are unique to their group and the others would not appreciate having them in the way of their workflow. 

    Happy to discuss in more detail.

  • Alina Wright
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey all, PM from roles and permissions here. We're currently doing some research around brand based permissions. If you're available and interested, please use this link to schedule 30 min with me to chat through your needs. This will help shape our roadmap moving forward. Thanks much!

  • Shehryar Khaliq Lodhi

    Please do we have an update on this? 


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