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  • Adam Fronteras

    It is a reserved area, we ended up creating our own priority field with match triggers to make   Urgent = Priority 1, High = Priority 2 etc  . 



  • Paul Chadwick

    Dear Adam

    Thanks.  We did the same thing but it just seemed to make things too complicated for our helpdesk people.  It's a pity the Zendesk priority labels are hard-coded and uneditable

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Paul-

    Thanks for this feedback! Could you share a little more about ticket priority in your organization and how your agents use it to prioritize work? What types of labels would be meaningful to you? And could you elaborate on how Change Requests maps to priority for your team?

    We're always interested in learning more about how our customers prioritize. While there aren't plans to change the priority field itself, we want to make it easier to prioritize and sequence work for your team. Really appreciate your thoughtful feedback!


  • Paul Chadwick

    Dear Zac

    Thanks for your reply.  I work in the UK health industry (NHS) and tickets within the industry are graded with respect to the impact the issue may have on patient health (with the likelihood of Death being the highest priority).  These are (i.e. your priorities/NHS-defined priorities) Priority 1 = URGENT/CATASTROPHIC, Priority 2 = HIGH/MAJOR, Priority 3 = NORMAL/CONSIDERABLE, Priority 4 = LOW/SIGNIFICANT, Priority 5 = ?/MINOR

     As you may appreciate, having a Priority 3 = NORMAL does not convey the correct level of severity or situation.  As an organisation, we would prefer the label of NORMAL stating MODERATE and the addition of Priority 5 = CHANGE REQUEST to equate to MINOR which would be reflected in the SLA time constraints provided to our client base (which, at present, we have to translate)

    Being able to define these labels for ourselves would be ideal


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