Allow 'JIRA Linked Issue Number' to be selected as a column under Zendesk Views

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  • Mathieu Lepoutre

    Hi Fayyaz

    Your approach will unfortunately be a long and manual process.

    I would seriously advice you to try Exalate, where you can easily set up a synchronization between Jira and Zendesk that includes the Jira issue number as a field in Zendesk. This would allow you to view the Jira issue number as a column under Zendesk Views without the need for a manual workaround.


  • Daniel Prouty

    Hi Fayyaz,

    We had this same problem too. However, you can use your custom field and have it filled out automatically by configuring the Field Sync on the JIRA side of the integration. Sync the Issue ID to your custom text field, and once an issue is created/linked the field will populate on its own.

    Still would prefer to have something out of the box, but this at least eliminates any manual input.


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