Feedback: Increase Bulk Edit Limitation

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  • Alex Chan

    The current UI limitation of 100 tickets seems to be a reflection of the limitation of the bulk/batch API operation which can only update 100 tickets at a time (per job).  However I agree, I think it would be a powerful and much appreciated enhancement for the UI to permit the user to request updating more than 100 tickets at a time -- or even all tickets in the view -- and then handle the creation of multiple jobs to update all the tickets requested.  The current experience of only being able to check 3 1/3 pages of a view is very unnatural.

    Regarding the limit on async jobs which would be reached as the number of unprocessed tickets approaches ~3000, the UI could give feedback about failed update_many updates, much like how it does already when individual tickets fail to update (within a single job of 100).  Or even better, the UI could coordinate creating new jobs as the async job queue has capacity for more jobs, either by querying the job queue or retrying on job failure after delay.

    I'm glossing over the tricky issues like batch vs bulk safe_update behavior and what it even means to update tickets in a view of tickets that is constantly changing, but these are issues I'm confident that Zendesk team can find good solutions for. 


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