Best Practices for an omni-channel tiered tech support structure


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  • Ifra Saqlain
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    Hi Stephen Whyte

    Can you please explain something more about your query so I can share an exact solution?


  • Grace Maxon
    Customer Success
    Hi Stephen, thanks for your question!
    A tiered support environment is a very popular way to structure your support workflows, especially when adding new channels like Messaging! By creating a tiered system, you’re setting yourself up for scalability, efficiency, and simplicity with increased ticket volume. We recommend creating different tiers for different levels, or complexities, of support needed. We have a few resources to help you determine if a tiered support structure is best for you and your team and how to set up a tiered support system
    Two good pieces of advice that I can give you are:
    1. Don’t overcomplicate your tiered structure - it’s important to keep the number of tiers to a minimum
    2. Simply and clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each tier; that way, your agents will know exactly when to escalate and what level the tier above them is capable of providing.
    I hope this helps, and have a great day! 
  • Brandon Tidd
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    Hey Stephen Whyte

    Do the customers know what tier they are on?  If so, allowing them to self-serve or guide their ticket based on selection (bronze, silver, gold) would be easiest.  Another option would be to tag the user profiles with this information for the purposes of auto-routing requests.  I agree with Grace Maxon's advice above.  Regardless, both messaging and guide can help alleviate the manual effort your agents will need to put forth to support your tiered customers.

  • Stephen Whyte

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. My current challenge is with Talk and routing overflow calls to my Tier 2 agents when all of the Tier 1 agents are speaking with client's.

    We've setup OCR and are using capacity rules and skills to try and solve the issue, but it doesn't seem to be working. The entire skill-based routing setup just doesn't seem to be effective for us and I would love to get some ideas on how to properly implement it w/o having agents cherry-picking tickets.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Douglas R.
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    Hello, my comrade. All good?

    This is more of an issue with your time behavior, something that Zendesk is currently unable to deliver natively. An assignment assigned to specialists, there was this problem in my operation, to resolve this we started to punish specialists who skip tickets, or who accept and later remove the assignment. Realize this via Tag's where their score is reset to zero if they choose the ticket.

    There is also an EAP going on where it does the forced assignment of tickets, I don't know if it is valid for TALK, but it is available for the messaging channel.


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