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  • Daniel Velasque

    Hello Jose, You can do it through some existing proactive messaging apps in the marketplace, or you can do it yourself using the Sunco API. In both cases, you must have a professional suite or higher. (Recommendation: go for an app)

  • Joe

    Thank you, any idea on which ones best ?

  • Daniel Velasque

    Hello Joe, in the marketplace, you have several apps. You can try any of them in their trial version. I'm leaving you a link below for what I believe you need to do.

    In the example from that URL, they use their own app's API to send messages based on X event. In your case, you have to use an automation that checks that after 2 hours in XX state or 2 hours without updates, it sends a message to the customer via WhatsApp. Analyze it; it's exactly the same concept.

    Just keep in mind that these notifications use the famous Meta templates, and they do have a cost, albeit a minimal one. You can use marketing or utility-type notifications; the latter is a bit cheaper. I hope this helps;

    I have it implemented this way, and it works very well.


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