Verwenden der Bedingung „Stunden seit“ in Automatisierungen

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  • Mike

    What is the maximum value in hours that can be used?

    Use Case. Is it possible to trigger automation for closed tickets e.g. three weeks after status?

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Hi Michael, I don't know what the maximum is but it is certainly more than 3 weeks (we have some automations with a 3 month threshold).

    That said, I think the timing threshold question would be moot, because I don't think that you can run an automation on a closed ticket, because closed tickets can't be modified, and all automations must do something that removes the triggering condition (or else they would run forever once triggered.) But maybe there's a nuance that I'm missing.

    [EDIT: I originally asked about the auto-translate of your question, but I see that it was in English.]

  • Mike

    Hi Jonathan March

    Thank you for your reply. I understand. Our idea was to send an external NPS Survey three weeks after the ticket was closed. But in fact, it looks like this only works as long as the ticket is solved and not yet closed.
    Technically, we would not write the "sent NPS" state into the ticket but into a user field. So actually the status of the ticket would be irrelevant.


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