Time Tracking App - official feature request thread

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  • Amanda Fleet

    I have a couple of suggestions for improving the Time Tracking App. It's a great concept, but a little more functionality would make it awesome.

    • The 15 second limit to edit your time when you close a ticket should be adjustable or be able to be turned off. I understand that a lot of places might not want agents messing with the time too much. But, in our case, and I'm sure in other cases as well it is important that we are able to adjust our time.
    • Another issue that we are having is not being able to go back and edit the time we've spent after closing out of a ticket. Again, if this was an optional setting that would be great. We often need agents to add time to a ticket after the fact because we hop from task to task frequently and end up not having the ticket open even though we may be working on it.

    That's pretty much it. Thank you!

  • Ross Edwards

    Can the API PLEASE expose individual time logs?  They are in the system somewhere, as we can report on them with Explore, but to my knowledge, the API only exposes the total time.

  • Jay Gianan

    Can there be an article to state every role responsibility or expectation once feature is enabled? It looks like some articles are mixed. Ex. Agent will have to be responsible to use the app to have the time tracking started. 

    I'm still going around trying to understand what happens next after the app is enabled. Multiple back and forth with helpdesk to check what could be causing for the 0/Blank data for total time spent.

  • Ashley Moore

    Having the date & time stamp in the log along side the time log is basic reporting which is needed.

    There should also be a max session time you set for the log to run on a ticket, we have logs where tickets have reported agents to be on tickets for 20 hours, we would want to exclude these.


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