Reporting on side conversations

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  • Cardenas, Romulo



    We would like to see how many side conversation tickets / emails were generated on a single ticket.


  • Nicole Wright

    we would love this as we use side conversations for our CSAT!

  • Monica

    It would be helpful to be able to track who created a side conversation as well as volume.


  • Ben Bauer


    I've just set up over a dozen triggers and some are using webhooks to call the Zendesk API to update custom ticket fields with parent/child side conversation data that we can later use for crafting reports in Explore. It would be wonderful if an out-of-the-box Side Conversation dataset were added to Explore, so I could retire all this custom "overhead".


    Ben Bauer
    Director of Support

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 to this functionality as we have also needing to work with Ben's process in our instance for this gap. This uses unnecessary API calls and risks race conditions which can impact other workflows in place.

    ie. If a feature is offered by ZD, it should be able to be reported on

  • Katarina Swank

    +1 to this as well. We have been asking for this for awhile. We have several teams that only use side conversations and there is no way to really measure their utilization, CSAT, SLAs, etc..

  • Helvijs Vigners

    Hi guys,

    I have created a Feature request here for Side Conversations, please go upvote and add more details if you have them. The more votes we get, the quicker they hopefully see the need for the reporting:

    We experienced some issues and were unable to get any information from Zendesk to identify these side conversations. 

    Quite disappointing, but hopefully we can get Zendesk to sort this out. 


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