Feature request - hide or encrypt a ticket title from the web request


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  • Kirsten Wilson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Piotr, 

    Thank you for reaching out about your recent experience with this type of spam attacks, and I’m sorry that your account was made a target by these abusive actors. I understand that you were able to speak with one of our advocates who advised you that the preventative measure is to remove the "{ { ticket . title } }" placeholder from all triggers that send an email upon ticket creation. This will remove the vector that these abusive actors use to relay their spam messages. From what I understand, it doesn’t seem like this was a preferred solution for you and I wanted to get some more details from you as to why this is, and why you’d prefer us to hide or encrypt this placeholder where it’s used? 

    I’d be happy to continue this conversation here, or get on a call to talk things through. Let me know what you prefer. 


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