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    Gerald Crawford

    Not certain if this should be moved over to product feedback or enhancements.

    But can this be administrator choice?  I have dealt with many companies in the past that may have people communicate from a department email.  (IE or sort of things. 

    This is also a hindrance in performing testing of new features or new settings in trying to create test users.  Often administrators will utilize one email address but yet have different usernames and such to test new triggers and features to ensure operation.  Having things mandating unique on the email address means administrators have to create multiple email addresses and check them to ensure operation.

    Perhaps put a warning up "This email is currently being used by 'user', do you wish to proceed?"

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Gerald!

    Since an end-user's identity is determined solely by email address, it would break a lot of things if we allowed multiple users with the same email. Beyond that, having multiple individuals logging into a single agent seat is a violation of the Zendesk ToS.

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    Gerald Crawford

    Hello Jessie,

    I understand completely as far as the identity of a user being determined by email address.  Problem is that in today's business world that one person is not tied to a single position or job role, even if they do have the one email address.  

    For example: I once worked as a contractor.  I utilized my own email and was never issued an email address from the companies I contracted too.  In the instance of Zendesk I could only be listed as a support contact for one company because the email would have been a limiting factor.

    As far as the agent side of things and licensing, I was referring more to the end user sort of thing...those my organization would support using Zendesk. 

    The desire for this sort of functionality is the reason why so many software applications moved to using unique logins such as usernames, or user numbers.  Simply because the demand for shared email addresses and the common utilization of them was there.

    As mentioned, this may be a feature request.  

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