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    Steve Edberg

    There's a note:

    Note: If your account uses single sign-on and handles user authentication with JWT or SAML, you can merge users only if there's no external ID associated with a user.

    Does that mean there can be no external id associated with either user, or the user being merged, or the user being merged into?

    I have users who are chaning their primary email address, and less often the external_id, and I need to automate merging accounts.


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    Leslie Mendonca


    Two questions,

    1. Is there a way to bulk merge users using the core API across the database if they have the same email address?

    2. Is it possible to bulk merge organizations having the same domain. 

    I really need the ability to do either one of the above. We have massive amount of duplicate Organizations due to the fact that we had provisioning accounts pushed from salesforce.

    We are moving away from that structure to a one customer account model in salesforce and need the same reflected in zendesk as well. 


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    Madison Davis

    Hi Leslie! It's definitely possible to use the API to merge users - see the Merge Users call. It's unfortunately not possible to merge organizations, but you could perform a bulk organization update using the bulk update tool, or use the Update Many Organizations endpoint. Let us know if you run into any difficulties with that! 

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi Will!

    In both your scenarios, a new user profile will be created in Zendesk, but you can merge those two profiles together. A good way to ensure that duplicate profiles aren't floating around is to have your agents ask the new customer for additional contact information to fill their profile out as completely as possible.

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    Will Foley

    What happens if you both offer Phone and Email support and you have the following scenarios?

    Scenario 1

    End User Calls into support for the first time and doesn't have a phone number on record, just email. 

    Will a new End User be created? How do I associate that caller to the existing End User?


    Scenario 2

    End User emails into support for the first time and doesn't have an email address associated with their End User profile but does have a phone number. 

    Will a new End User be created? How do I associate that caller to the existing End User?



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    This documentation requires at least one update:

    Phone number Receiving user's value is not affected by merge.

    This statement is no longer applicable. When merging accounts, if the merging user has a phone number, and the receiving user has a different phone number:

    • Both phone numbers will be saved on the receiving user.

    I have observed this behavior consistently. I have also observed exceptions, where the merging user's phone number was not saved to the receiving user's, but was not able to isolate the behavior.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hi David! Sorry for the delayed response.

    You can manually verify the user's email from within the user profile. Just click the little down arrow next to the customer's email address.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    David (Edited )

    We have a web service with accounts. We have a user who used our form and asked that we delete her account within our product. While we were processing her request, she contacted us a second time but typo'ed and this time added an extra L to her email address.

    Consequently, we have two users in our database, and (with the two L). Neither of these accounts are verified. Because she initially wanted to delete her account, we don't want to send her a verification request after the fact, much less two.

    What we'd really like to do is merge both tickets and both accounts into one ticket and one account so we can state with authority that we did delete her account as requested.

    Are we basically screwed?

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    Brad Ladwig

    Hi Zac!  Thanks for pointing this out.  I'm going to have our documentation team take a look at this and get it updated.  It makes sense that since the multiple phone numbers feature update that this behavior would be expected.  Again, thanks for pointing this out!

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