Can I use my own company's phone number for Talk? Follow


I already have my own phone number, can I transfer that over to use it with Zendesk Talk?


Yes! However, you can only port numbers on paid Zendesk Talk plans. You cannot port numbers on a trial Talk account. Please keep in mind the following when making decisions about porting:

  • We can port most US domestic local and toll-free numbers and some numbers in Canada. If you provide phone support outside of the US or Canada, you may purchase international phone numbers for over 40 countries. Find pricing and availability details here.
  • Toll free numbers have more restrictions than local numbers and can take a little more time to port. Learn more about toll-free porting in Twilio’s Help Center.

You can read more about the full process here: Porting numbers into Zendesk Talk

As stated, this is not possible on trials. But as an alternative to porting, you can work with your phone provider to forward calls from your number to a Zendesk number to use Talk.

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