Is it possible to get usage data on macros, triggers, and automations?

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  • Jitendra

    Hi there,

    I want to pull many reports based on different macros. Some tags are same, some are different between these macros.

    Pulling data based on tags is difficult to understand the flow, it will not give a clear picture. Putting new tags is not possible at the moment.



  • Joan Ling

    Zendesk, I can't believe there isn't a standard report that can be used to monitor macro use?  Is this something that you are working on?

  • Alexander R

    Back to Nicole/Pedro's comments, how do I incorporate multiple pages exactly in the URL? I have,usage_24h,usage_7d


    I just don't know where to put the page part. Thank you!

  • McCabe Tonna

    position is the order zendesk reads the triggers/automations. 

    Top down. So a trigger/automation can be true (and run on the ticket), then it may get affected by another trigger or automation further down the list.

  • Michael Fischer

    This would be a great thing to have - even at the Insight level.  For example I am attempting to calculate ticket abandonment rate per year and there is no way I can remotely begin.  I have an automation that closes tickets after 10 days of no client response.  I wanted to count how many times that fired off per calendar year.  Can't do it with Zendesk, it seems.

  • Tiann Nelson-Luck

    Hi Pedro,

    That behavior is expected! Our API pagination only returns 100 results per page for most endpoints. 

    When the response exceeds the per-page maximum, you can paginate through the records by incrementing the page parameter. Example: page=3. List results include next_page and previous_page URLs in the response body for easier navigation.

    Thank you for reaching out! 

  • Russell Dunn

    I can't believe that Zendeks stock answer to this sort of question is always "add a tag". It's such a poor level of customer support. Why not just allow us to access all our data through the API? We're paying you for it!

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Jitendra,

    Would the reports from the APIs listed above work for your purposes?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Felicia, 

    The best way to do this would be to have a unique tag added by the macro, and then you can pull reports on that tag. 

    More on that can be found in this article: 

    Insights tag reporting: Reporting on tickets with one or more tags (Professional and Enterprise) 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Joan -

    Most customers use the tag reporting or API. One user has filed a feature request around macro usage reporting, but it didn't gain much traction as no one else indicated it was something they needed. I encourage you to up-vote her request and add details about your use-case in the comments:

    Macro Usage Reporting Capabilities

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Russel,

    I can promise you that this is not a stock answer and currently using tags is the best way to capture macro usage at this time. I'll be sure to pass your feedback to the appropriate team and greatly appreciate you taking the time to share this with us.

    If you do experience any issues tracking macro usage with the method mentioned above please let us know and we'll do whatever we can to help on our end.


  • Felicia Cantua

    Is it possible to get macro usage extending beyond the 30 day limit?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hello, when I pull data for the last 30d using following the URL above, I only get max 100 results for both macros and triggers.

    I wonder if this is a limit, or just a coincidence? If the former, is there a workaround to obtain usage for the entirety of the business rules?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Perfect! Thanks a lot, Tiann.

  • Kelsey H

    Hey Alexander, 

    What are you using to pull this data? I ended up using python and can share some code if you'd like about pagination. If you do go the python route I strongly suggest Zenpy (

  • Katie Towne

    Hi! This might be a dumb question, but what does "position" indicate exactly? The macro documentation isn't really helpful since it defines "position" as "position", haha.


  • Graeme Carmichael


    As part of the automation’s action, add a unique tag to the ticket such as no_repsonse. You can then search for tickets in Support with that tag or create an Insights report. 


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