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    Piotr Szlazak

    I don't agree with this statement:
    "The target notification system is not designed to thread to an existing ticket and it is expected behavior that a new ticket would be created".

    It creates strong confusion for email receivers - how can they decide if they can replay to received notification w/o creating new ticket?
    We are currently adding warning, like 'Please do not replay', but still sometimes this is ignored and we have to struggle with tickets created by accident.

    The best would be to have option to configure behavior for email targets. Either general setting for Zendesk instance or individual one for each email target.

    Piotr Szlazak

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Piotr. 

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    Piotr Szlazak

    I applied small workaround - using appropriate placeholder I'm adding encoded ticket id to the subject of notification pushed using email target:


    Please note that square brackets are mandatory.

    This way Zendesk will recognize to which ticket, received email should be added.

    Here you can read more about how encoded id is tracked in incoming emails:

    Piotr Szlazak

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    Kim Lake (Edited )

    I am surprised at this statement too - "The target notification system is not designed to thread to an existing ticket and it is expected behavior that a new ticket would be created."

    As the target notification is added to the existing ticket history, I would absolutely have expected the reply to update the existing ticket rather than creating a new one.

    I don't know how feasible adding customers as CCs on their own tickets by automations using targets is, but thankfully a workaround has been found and shared by another customer (to call out, it'd be nice if Zendesk were able to share these tips when answering the question rather than relying on customers finding a way for themselves).

    Separately, (I can't seem to access the link Piotr provided above - is this locked? If so, can ZD provide summary of the details/conversation it contained? Thanks!

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