Workflow recipe: Notifying External Email Addresses

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  • Maarten Wildeman


    Part of it really fixes my needs. But:

    When i create a trigger and send an email to the target that message is not shown in the ticket. Any information sent regarding a ticket should be shown in the ticket for administrative purposes and to see what was communicated to what party.

    Also when replying to the mail sent it creates a new ticket and is not updated in the ticket it was sent from. It also triggers the system to send a first responding mail which a lot of companies have implemented.

    Cheers, Maarten

  • Mailing list Services

    We know, an email address is classified as internal if it belongs to a domain listed among Accepted Domains of protected Microsoft Exchange servers in your company. First of all, we do not wan't to forward the incoming mail to the external address, I did some tests with forwarding, it works.

  • Jonathan Cavey

    I agree with Maarten, would be nice to have these targets linked to the ticket so external users can reply directly to the ticket.


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