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    Craig Willis

    It would also be nice to be able to use a tag to exclude certain articles.  I think in many circumstances it'll be easier to exclude the articles that you don't want to be included, rather than the ones that you do.


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    Matthew Atkinson (Edited )

    For scenario 2, can you confirm whether anything needs to be added to the Answerbot itself, as far as trigger rules (and if so what) etc or whether the articles themselves just need the label inserted?


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    Peter Rifkind

    +1 to Craig's comment.  Excluding by label would be great.

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    Mike Mortimer

    Hey all, Craig: thanks for the feedback. We're continually reviewing the best ways to make it easier to deal with the use cases.

    Matthew, once you've added a generic "use_for_answer_bot" style label to all the articles you want to restrict Answer Bot to, you'll just need to add that label to the trigger by using the "Configure and Test" mode which is available when you edit the trigger. Let me know if you have any follow up questions?

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    Matthew Atkinson

    Hi Mike,

    Ideally I would like to make an article top 50 where keywords are unnecessary taking the queue entirely from Answerbot. Is this an option using the use_for_answer_bot label in articles and adding some kind of tag within the trigger?

    I tested with your suggestion but still see answerbot suggested articles outside of those I would wish to be provided.

    Can you give any recommendations here?





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    Felix Frenzel

    "Instead of using labels to improve the performance of Answer Bot, you can use labels to help with targeting for your trigger."


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    Stephen Greenfield

    Wow -- I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned, but you seriously need some kind of "boolean logic" for your labels.

    For example, I want to limit Answer Bot to focus on just the questions for the "Windows" version of "Program_A".  But if I enter both the labels "Windows" and "Program_A", then I might get "Macintosh" labeled articles.

    Isn't the point of creating these triggers to narrow down the scope of Answer Bot's suggestions?

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    Nagu Singirikonda

    We receive many tickets through emails but not all of the end-user's questions or problems can be suggested through the knowledge base. How can I use key words from emails to force Answer Bot to not respond? 

    For example, a user may email us to unsubscribe from our program, and we do not have that functionality through a button. We do not want Answer Bot attempting to suggest articles which are irrelevant to that, so I want to use keywords such as "unsubscribe", "cancel my membership", etc. to force Answer Bot not to respond and to let one of our Agents work that ticket. 

    Is something like that a functionality of Labels? 

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    Terry Knox (Edited )

    What Craig Willis said! It would be awesome to be able to exclude specific articles. 

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    Thomas D'Hoe


    With the new bult article actions for Zendesk Guide is not necessary anymore to use the "Ruby Script" for scenario 2.


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