How can I copy my content from one Help Center to another?

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  • Dave Kaminsky

    Multiple threads asking for this functionality since the launch of Multi-Brand support.  It would be great to get some inkling as to what the long-term plans are for addressing this critical need.   

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Dave - 

    Typically you won't see much in the way of product updates on KB articles or notes. We regularly update the Product Updates section and the relevant threads in the Product Feedback topic.  (For your request, I'd follow this thread.) 

    That being said, I can tell you that the Guide product team is working on something to solve this problem. We can't share specifics at this time, but they're highly aware of the requests and are actively working on development. 


  • Sergio Anarte

    Hi guys, any update here? This feature is more than necessary


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Sergio - 

    The Guide team is working on some functionality around reusable content, which doesn't copy content but does allow you to create content that you can publish to multiple Help Centers at the same time. It's not yet available, but the precursor pieces to that functionality are in early access. 

    Otherwise, your best option is to leverage the API to export content from your existing HC and then re-create it in your new one. 

  • Seth Dowd

    Do you have a rough ETA on the ability to publish to multiple Brands?  We are a current zendesk customer but we are using your product for another 30 days in pilot mode.  We are about to launch, however without this functionality it would be non scale-able for us to use your product for client support.

  • Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    Hi Seth,

    the reusable content across brands is coming in Q2 as an EAP - so doesn't seem we can make it for you pilot deadline.

  • Tanmay Dixit

    @Bogdan, Are there any specific month or any date by which we can start migrating categories, sections & articles from one help center to another.

    This feature is more than necessary


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