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Zendesk is a Web-based SaaS (software as a service) application that runs in a Web browser.

Make sure your computer meets or exceeds the minimum hardware requirements for your operating system (Windows or Mac OS X). See the Microsoft or Apple website for the requirements.

Zendesk supports the following Web browsers running in Windows or Mac OS X. Your browser must be a stable release version, not an Alpha/Beta/Nightly/Development build. This applies to all browsers, regardless of operating system.

For the use of GoodData, you must have at least 1GB or more of RAM available and the ability to support all of the user interface browsers listed below. For a full list of GoodData requirements see, GoodData system requirements.

Tip: Our testing suggests that Google Chrome provides the best performance when running Zendesk. Zopim runs best on Internet Explorer.

For the agent/administrator user interface:

  • Google Chrome: latest two versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest two versions
  • Apple Safari: latest two versions
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: latest version only 
Note: Microsoft Edge is not supported.
Browser Configuration:
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • localStorage must be enabled
  • Security protocol newer than SSLv3 (GoodData only)

For the mobile apps:

  • Apple iOS 6 and higher
  • Google Android 2.3 and higher
  • Windows Phone 8.0 and higher
Note: Viewing the agent interface through a mobile browser is not supported. Instead, you need to use one of our mobile apps.
For the end-user Help Center:

For the end-user Web widget:


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    Can you please send me details about the latest version name, and it's features? (for Enterprise) I can't find it anywhere.


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    Hi Dafna,

    We do automatic updates/releases almost every week. You can read about the latest features and enhancements here:


    We do have two versions of our agent interface, Classic Zendesk and new Zendesk. All of our documentation describes how to use the features in both interfaces. If you are a new customer you are most likely using the new version of the UI.

    The new version of Zendesk looks like this:


    And Classic Zendesk looks like this:


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    End Users are having problems viewing our Zendesk "Submit a Request" page in IE9. I have to go to developer tools (F12) and change the Browser Mode to IE9 Compatibility View for the "submit a request" page to look right. Here is what the page looks like without changing this setting.

    Notice only Attachment(s) and Screencast(s) is showing...

    Is this a known issue?


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    Not that I'm aware of but I'm still investigating. Do you happen to know if anything was recently changed with Javascript or CSS widgets in the Extensions area? 

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    We do have some custom Javascript widgets, but they haven't changed since we implemented them about 3 months ago. It seems to work on most now that we are looking into it more. There are a couple of our customers that are experiencing the problem so I wonder if they are missing some sort of update or received one recently that caused the issue. 

    I'll open a ticket if I see it happen more often. Thanks for the response!

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    Sure thing! I'm glad it's not affecting too many users, if you do see it come up more or notice a pattern definitely let us know.

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    Chrome caches too much of dynamically downloaded content thus not refreshing what has been changed.

    This behaviour is very annoying because it forces agent to reload whole webpage to see the effect (CTRL+F5 works best in such a case).

    It is visible especially when creating, editing or merging oranizations or endusers.

    There is no setting within Chrome browser to disable the cache.

    IE works better in such cases.

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    Add Hardware requirements, please for normal user experience.

    You support tech just told me in ticket ( https://support.zendesk.com/requests/508154) that it's not good configuration for new Zendesk UI:

    HW: Core i3-2350M 2.3Ghz/4Gb/120Gb SSD

    OS: Win 8 x64 Pro

    Can't believe I need a better PC to run ticketing software! :(

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    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher

    Are you sure? Our web-portal looks like CSS-disabled with IE 8.

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    @Taras: Sorry, I don't think the agent in that ticket had meant it quite that literally. 4GB should be enough for Zendesk.

    However, 4GB is generally low for a heavy 64 bit operating system, as Windows will basically need 2GB straight off. This leaves 2GB for everything else, which unfortunately just isn't all that much these days. That said, that works out for some people just fine, it truly depends on many other factors.

    @Itsuya: Would you mind going ahead and submitting a ticket? Let us know where we can access your web portal and we should be able to help. For what it's worth, nothing looks that good in IE7 or 8 due to their incredibly outdated support for CSS and HTML.

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    Further to the above, I can see the hardware discussion, but I need clarification.

    I am just looking into slowness with some colleagues machines when using Zendesk.

    They are using pretty rubbish machines, but still need to make sure before we upgrade. 

    -Atom 1.79 GHz D525 processor

    -4 GB Ram (3 Usable due to 32 Bit)

    Two other users run fine using i5 machines etc so I am putting it down to hardware.

    Please post recommended requirements for heavy users.



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    @Richard: Is that 32-bit Windows Vista?

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    Hi Jake,

    Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit


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    @Richard: Ah, it's possible the Atom chip is bottlenecking you, do you know if it's the "S1" series of Atoms? I think an upgrade would help you out here.

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    Not sure on what series but its time to upgrade, cheers for that Jake!


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    We continuously experience problems when agents use Zendesk in IE11.

    Will these bugs be fixed?

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    Hi Maria, 

    I've created a support ticket to troubleshoot what you've experienced and I'll see you in that ticket shortly!

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    I think that user with IE7  can no more connect to zendesk

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    Hi there!

    There is partial support for IE7 in Zendesk Classic, but it's not "pixel-perfect", as it states in the above article. It should be usable, but it may not work perfectly. I would definitely recommend switching to Chrome or Firefox to make sure you're getting the full experience!

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank You Jessie,

    that's true, IE7 support is partial, in fact since few days some configuration can no more access to the login form of the home page of Zendesk.

    I try it on diff configuration wish are all on XP+IE7. For 10 configurations three fail and seven works. I think this is not just related to IE7 but something in the environment block the load of the login form. This is quite embarrassing for people who can not change their not favorite IE7 navigator ... particularly in  industry related secure environment where admin don't want to change anything to the configurations.

    There is one really easy solution, i ask people to use their smartphones !


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    Hi, I have the web portal active for end users. A group of my users are on IE8 and have intermittent access to the knowledge base. They can see the homepage/category level views but in most cases they can't see articles or the forum level view - they just get a black screen. This seems to be fairly consistent with them. Any ideas why this might happen if it is supported? Could it be something in our design?

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    Hi Deborah!

    You definitely shouldn't be experiencing this issue, so I've gone ahead and opened up a ticket on this so our Support team can take closer look for you. See you there shortly!

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    @Maria Nørgaard
    Are your IE11 Problems solved?
    And could you describe what is happening to your IE11 Users?

    We are having a large Issue that our IE11 Users spoardicly loged out from Zendesk

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    @Kai Ehlig

    Yes, as far as I am aware, we are no longer experiencing problems with ZD in IE11. As the issues occurred 1½ years ago, I must admit that I no longer remember what they were.

    Sorry that I cannot be of any help to you in this matter.


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    Hi Kai! Can you describe the issues you're experiencing in more detail?

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