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    Amie B.

    I'm sure Jessica found it already, but for anyone else wondering how to badge their moderators, here is the manual workaround:

    Excited for this to become part of the UI at some point (hint, hint).

    <Edited by Zendesk to update link>

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    Julien Van de Casteele

    Hey Amie,

    I cannot access your link for some reasons, but I'd be really interested in reading the article. Any where else i could read about this?



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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Julien!

    The article originally linked in Amie's comment was archived, because it's specific to an older version of Zendesk that has since been deprecated.

    One of our Moderators has written a great tip about badges that's up to date though: Tip: How to add cool agent badges in Communities

    I've gone ahead and updated the link in Amie's comment, too!

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