Using the Time Tracking app (Professional and Enterprise) Follow

Using the Time Tracking app (Professional and Enterprise)

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The Time Tracking app enables you to monitor how much time you spend on tickets. You might see all or just some of the following options, depending on how your administrator has set up Time Tracking.

Every agent will have to do a one-time browser refresh to be able to see the Time Tracking app after it's installed.

The Time Tracking app is available for Professional and Enterprise. The app must be installed and set up by an admin (see Setting up the Time Tracking app).

Making the Time Tracking app appear after installation

The first time you use Time Tracking, do a hard refresh on your browser for it to appear. You will only need to do this once.

To make the Time Tracking app visible

  • Press Command + Shift + R (Mac) or Control + F5 (Windows) to refresh your browser cache.

Tracking your time spent on tickets

To pause and resume the timer

  • Press pause and play to pause and resume the timer as needed, such as if you still have a ticket open but are taking a break to answer an unrelated phone call.

To reset the timer

  • Press the refresh button to reset the timer to 0.

To review timelogs

  • You can review how long different agents have spent on that ticket.
To edit the total time spent on a ticket
  • When you submit a ticket, you might see a window like the following, which allows you to edit or confirm your time:

When the window appears, the timer on the Cancel button begins counting down from 15. If you don't click Cancel or Submit before the 15 seconds are up, it closes and an error message appears.

Reporting on Time Tracking in Insights

To report on Time Tracking, you must be using Insights, which is available on Professional and Enterprise.

You can build Insights reports based on the two custom numeric fields created by Time Tracking:
  • Time spent last update (sec)
  • Total time spent (sec)

Custom numeric fields are sent to GoodData as facts, so you need to aggregate them into custom metrics to report on them. For details, see Reporting on custom fields in Insights (Professional and Enterprise).

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    Is it possible to track agents which were only viewing tickets. For example: Open the ticket and after 1 min just closed it from the X without editing anything. Is is possible such time to be tracked? Also when you click on the Reload Apps it mixed the time. Thanks in advance.

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    This app only stores the time when hitting the Submit button so I guess the answer is "no".

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    @Tsvetan -
    @Colin is correct that this is not possible within the Zendesk time tracking app. This functionality is possible within the Tymeshift time tracking app ( as it does not require the ticket to be submitted (or any action to be taken) in order to log time against a ticket. It captures it automatically in real time.

    Hope this helps out!

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    Thanks @David, that was exactly what we were looking for. @Colin thanks and for your answer, I was almost sure that Time Tracking App couldn't do this, but hoped that somebody can point me to somewhere as David did. Regards.

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    @Tsvetan - Glad it'll work!

    Full disclosure - I'm part of the team that built Tymeshift, so I'm probably a little biased. :)

    That said - We originally built Tymeshift to solve our own time tracking problems and figured it could help others. It was built for Zendesk, and Zendesk only.

    Tymeshift is extremely flexible and is designed to adapt to your companies workflow - not the other way around. If you need any help or would like personalized assistance to get the workflow setup the way you need it, just give us a call at 515-412-0840 or email us at:

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    Hello David, great. Thanks for the provided information and contact details. I will try first the trial period and will check how the App is working. Then if I have any questions, will let you know. Now will stop spamming this topic. Regards

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    This may be a dumb question, but is the tracked time data stored in the same tables / fields as the Time Tracking app? Or in other words, will my existing time tracking reports be affected if I switch to Tymeshift (and back again)?

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    @David - Not a dumb question at all. No, Tymeshift does not use the same field as the Zendesk Time Tracking app, so you can definitely install both apps, and even install them both side by side if you like.

    Hope this helps out,
    David from Tymeshift (

  • 0

    Hi David!

    To address the other part of your question, yes, your time tracking reports will be eaffected if you switch, so you'll want to take that into consideration so you can be prepared.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    We have an open ticket with an "oops" that is 20 hours long in it. Obviously we'd like to edit the time so our reports don't look insane. Unfortunately the ticket has 6 hours of non-oops time, so we don't just want to delete it or exclude it from reports. Is there a way to change the existing, recorded time, either as an admin, by some tag/custom field trickery, or by the support rep whose time was erroneously tracked?

    Recall that this is an open ticket, so has not yet been "frozen" via closure. Happy to submit a support ticket to have you guys edit it on the backend if that is the only path (if you can get it done in the next few days, since our reporting presentation is coming up quickly).

    Edited by Chris Mccraw
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    Hello Chris!

    Unfortunately, with the Time Tracking app, there isn't a way to change the time tracking data in a ticket one it has been submitted. There is a setting that allows users to edit time submission in the app but that must be done before submitting. If you had that feature turned on however, you could delete and recreate the ticket potentially and manually add your time. If that won't work for you, you may have to manually exclude that ticket from your report instead. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Nicholas, For all the reasons that many of us have given here repeatedly, that is really not an acceptable workaround. A complex ticket history simply cannot be recreated manually. I can understand why it would not be feasible (from an audit accountability perspective) to allow deletion of time record, but it should be possible at least for an admin to add a "time debit" canceling entry.

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    Great suggestion, Jonathan. Hope something like that comes around. I can't easily add a "fake ticket" to my report, since i gather stats after the month ends for 'last calendar month' and there is no time-travel option in ZD either.

  • -1

    Hi All,

    David @Tymeshift here. I can definitely understand the use case for this. This functionality is supported natively by Tymeshift.

    Here's a 20 second vide on how you edit and delete time when using Tymeshift:

    More info:

    Shameless plug, but I hope this helps some folks out! :)

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    When I need to adjust the time in a ticket entry, I have to {gasp} take my hands of the keyboard & click into the time area.

    Can a Zendesk app request the keyboard input as it comes up?

    If so, and if this app could be taught that trick, it'd be super-helpful.



    (sorry if this has come up before, I haven't read all the backlog on this thread)


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    Hey Allen, I think we got this sorted in that other thread you posted about the different versions of the Time Tracking app, right? Or no?

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    This is a bit of a different request...  

    I love that the time can be accepted by simply clicking "Enter".. makes this new app super fast.

    If i need to edit time, then I need to move to my trackpad & click into the time. (The tab key won't bring the focus to the modal either.)

    I'm wondering if it's possible to have an App's modal snag the cursor focus automatically, preventing the need to leave the keyboard. 

    If an app can do that, then I'd love for the Time Tracking one to be taught this trick!

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    Ah, I misunderstood. This outside my realm of expertise, but I'll see what I can find out!

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    Hi Allen! It should be possible for a modal window to pull cursor focus. There are a lot of resources online with different approaches and tips that you could use in your own apps.

    I spoke with one of our support engineers about implementing this behavior within the Time Tracking App. They said it may be possible, but there are a lot of moving parts on the back-end of that app. It would need to go through more development and testing before we'd know for sure.

    It sounds like this would really help your workflow. I recommend posting about it in our Product Feedback Forum. Since the Time Tracking App is one of our official apps, that would be the best place to share your idea and start a discussion.

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    Is there any way to exclude tickets that have 0 total time attributed to them from Insights reporting, and would this be done at the MAQL stage or can it be done via a smart filter in Insights?

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    Hi Milton,

    I just opened a ticket for you. I will need more details because the logic for finding 0s is very different from the logic for finding nulls. Looking forward to hearing from you on the ticket that I have created.



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    How can we integrated with the TimeTrack App ? Eacht time an agent registers time we want it to be registered in our central time-tracking system too. Where do we start to integrate ? And no we do not want yet another system like Tymeshift.

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    Hi Johnny,

    You do not have to manually register agents in Tymeshift and there is no additional setup.

    If you register a new agent in Zendesk it will automatically be registered in your central time tracking system, Tymeshift.

    That's because Tymeshift is not a standalone app - it is made exclusively for Zendesk. 

    Also, the Zendesk Time Tracking App works the same way -- no need to register new agents in another system. 

    You can try it for free if you like. 

    Hope this helps. :) 

  • 0

    @david Thx for the sales pitch :-) That is exactly the reason why I mentioned Tymeshift, because it is technical input we are looking for not a product. 


  • 0

    Hey Johnny,

    Sorry if that came off pitchy - it wasn't my intention. I was just trying to explain that I thought Tymeshift actually did meet your requirement of being completely automatic/integrated with no need to manage a secondary product. But it sounds like perhaps I didn't understand your requirement.

    I re-read your original post and think I understand what you're asking. You want to grab the data from within each ticket for and push it to another system. < --- Can you tell me if I understand what you want to accomplish properly? 

    Data for the Zendesk Time Tracking App is stored within a custom field that is hidden. You can grab this data via the API:

    Is this what you are after?


  • 0

    @David. No hard feelings :-) The integration is needed for one of my customers. The want to link it with their flag-ship product. First for their own use, but later as a feature they can offer to their customers. Hence no third party solution is a hard requirement.

    The link does explain something and will be helpful in exploring what is going on behind the scenes. 

    What they want is, whenever the agent adds time to a ticket that 'some proces' is triggered that does the actual adding / synching with their system. Are hidden fields usable in triggers ?

  • 0

    Yes, you can utilize hidden fields in Triggers. The key here will be that your script should update the total time (not add) for each ticket every time a ticket is submitted. 


    Here's a basic concept to get you started using a trigger with a target:

    Hope this helps! :)

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    A formatting request which seems like it should be small, but could make a huge difference to our workflow.

    After submitting, the time dialog pops up. The ticket goes very faint, with the comment almost entirely blocked by the dialog.

    We would really really really appreciate it if the ticket was only slightly veiled (if at all) with the submitted comment less blocked (maybe move the dialog down one more row of text).

    The reason is that this moment is our last line of defence against having done something stupid / embarrassing. Most typically, submitting a comment as public that was intended to be private. (Yes, we have private already as the default, but stuff happens!) And since this is already, by design, a moment of refocus, it is a great moment to double-check that this is really what we want to be sending now.


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    Has anyone run into the situation where tickets that are created as a "Follow Up" ticket to a closed ticket copies the time from the closed ticket to the new ticket?  The end result is that your time is inflated if you have clients that continue to create follow up tickets?  Any creative solutions on how to address?  More often than not in our case, clients are submitting unrelated tickets and just using the last email they received to create a new ticket. 

  • 0

    @Alex Farquharson - Yes, we have run into this before but were told this had been fixed.

    I raised this issue with Zendesk directly last year. A fix went live in April - I was told the following:

    "The issue with time tracking and follow-ups has now been fixed. Follow-up tickets should now be created without any time logged."

    The fix was only for follow-up tickets moving forwards. Historical tickets couldn't be amended. I've double-checked a handful of follow-up tickets again to be sure and time isn't pulling across from the closed ticket. 

    How recently has this appeared for you? I hope Zendesk can help you.

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