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The following is a quick list of issues we're aware of in the current multibrand offering.

Some of these are fixes that are underway, others will require significant effort before they can be brought to the product, but everything here is something you can consider "planned" in general. Specifics might be debatable.

  • Ticket forms - At present your ticket forms all are served to every help center. We will need to create branded ticket forms in the future. This was released in May 2016.
  • Multiple email templates - Accounts have a single ticket form. Although you can create multiple triggers, each sending a varying email to customers based on the brand of the ticket, the template is fixed and needs to remain somewhat generic. 
  • Remote auth and single sign on - Each help center will redirect users to the same single sign in protocol and database. This is a side effect of the fact that users are per account, not per brand.
  • Agent signatures - There is only one signature per agent. If you would normally put things like branded phone numbers or email addresses in your signature, for now you need to leave those out. This was released in August of 2016.
  • Agent permissions - All agents have access to all brands. This is by design, but we're aware there are those of you who have more complex agent pools who don't serve all brands and we'd like to address that in a future release.
  • End user permissions - All of your end users can access all of your help centers. This, again, is by design, but we'd like to find a way to support segmented and privileged service based on user type.
  • End user brand identities - There's no way now to segment users for customer lists or NPS reports based on user identity. We'd like to track which of your users has interacted with which of your brands and give you that information in the agent UI.
  • Content management - Each help center is completely separate, meaning that there's no central place to manage forum content or to share it between help centers. We'd like to get to that design eventually, but this is a big project.
  • Zopim channel branding - Tickets created through Zopim are not currently aware of Zendesk brand. Again, we intend to correct that in the future.
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    I'm hoping you have these up first for future releases:

    Agent permissions - All agents currently have access to all brands. We'd like this addressed in agent roles/permissions more granularly.

    •End user permissions - All of your end users can currently access all help centers. We'd like a more granular way to handle this because some users should have this and others shouldn't.

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    I am having an issue with Brands and Magento. When creating a ticket on Magento Site A (Brand A) - I can see tickets inside of Magento Site B (Brand B). Did I do something wrong, or is this a logical bug in Zendesk/Magento?

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    Hi Igor,
    It looks like you currently have a ticket about the subject. Support should be able to discuss the issue further - thanks!

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    Any more updates on this subject?

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    Hello, I would like to know if you have more updates / ETA as well and in particular for Multiple email templates and Ticket forms.

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    Hey, Jeroen -

    Ticket forms is under way. Stay tuned for an update. As for email templates, it's proven to be a bit more difficult, and we don't have any update there for now.

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    Hi Max, Do you have an ETA on this ? It would help me a lot. Thanks Max
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    Hello, Massimiliano - We're actually pretty deep into building this now. We will announce a beta when we're ready, but I can't say much more than "soon". I'll post that announcement here.

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    To clarify, in case people are watching multiple emails, that beta will be for Multibranded Ticket Forms. Email templates are still a ways out.
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    The brand name shows up on our emails to users. In the email, it has [Agent Name][Brand Name]. I don't want our brand names to be visible to end users and would like it to not show up in our emails.

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    Hey, Jennifer - You should be able to change the name of your support address to a blank value so that only the agent name is included.

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    Thanks, Max. I'm not quite sure where to make the change you mentioned. We have a name associated with our email addresses so users know who emailed them; however, I see the brand name show up is in the message itself: 

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    Ah, I see. Yes, that parenthetical cannot be removed at this time. It's not related to the Multibrand feature, it's an issue with our Email Template, which we are planning to upgrade and modernize in the future.

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    Dan Ross

    Is there a timeline for the changes to the Email Templates?

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    Hi, Dan - Not presently. Our email team is engaged in some structural changes to improve stability, deliverability, and security. We hope to work on Templates later this year.

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    Quick update / request for anyone subscribed to this post! We're nearly ready to roll out a beta version of Ticket Forms for Multibrand. The new modification to ticket forms allows you to set each form as available to all brands, or to a specifically selected list of brands. It applies in the agent portal, mobile apps, and in Help Center. We have a couple interactions we'd like to get some feedback on before rolling this out globally. If you're interested in participating in this beta, please fill out this form.

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    Will a signature field be in this next update?

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    Branded signatures is planned for later this year, but will not be a part of the update I just described.

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    We've had a change to Welcome Emails which will launch next Wednesday (March 16th),

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    hi Max!

    will Zendesk in the future (hopefully very near future) change the way how attachments are "linked"? currently they are linked to the main account or default brand, which is starting to be a big problem for us, and i would love to see the attachment mapped to the ticket's brand and not to the default brand or account

    cheers, Adam

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    Hi Max, I'm trying to find out if there were any developments on the branded signatures matter? We would really need and appreciate if this feature would be rolled out.

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    @Adam - I'll look into it, I hadn't heard this before and I thought that attachment URLs were branded appropriately. 

    @Elvis - This is the next enhancement we'll be making to brand. It should be coming soon.


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    Hi Max,

    I was advised to share my Help Center use case as it pertains to the Multibrand Agent permissions issue.

    We use multiple Help Centers, some for customers (end-users) and others for internal knowledge sharing (agent to light-agent), its this last setup I have issues with.

    I would like to limit access for my light agents to one specific Help Center, possible by group or org affiliation.
    An option to simply hide the black header (navbar) on Help Center settings would work for me, but probably not for other permission issue use cases.

    What are your thoughts and priorities for the Agent permissions issue?

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    Hey, Jacob - 

    We'd like to explore agent permissions at some point in the future, as we see this as a totally valid use case to explore, but we haven't started looking into this yet. 

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    hi Max

    do you have any news regarding this?

    i am coming to a point where it would be either this thing solved or getting a different domain for a different brand


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    Hi, Adam - 

    Not at this point, no. 

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    Hey, Max

    Can you help me this information, please:

    • "Zopim channel branding - Tickets created through Zopim are not currently aware of Zendesk brand. Again, we intend to correct that in the future."

    This means that our NPS will be mixed between brands?


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    Mateus - 

    Accounts can only create one NPS survey at a time for now. Currently that means you only have one survey for all your brands.

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    Our two brands are two different systems so we need to be able to define separate remote login and logout URLs for each brand. We can't do that currently. Will we be able to do that in the near future? If so do you have a rough timeline? 

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