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    Guillaume Fardeau (Edited )

    Hi maybe you should just then explain how you can manage to edit / delete a post. I took me a few minutes to discover the small icon

    and then explain what are the edit options : what is a planned post and so on? is there a tutorial about this ?

     edit : found the later :


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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Guillame - 

    Glad you found the proper documentation to answer your question. Let us know if you have any additional questions! We're here to help. 

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    Candace Alexandres

    Is there a way for the Help Center Manager to allow a specific segment of agents the ability to edit or delete posts in select community topics? We don't want all our agents to have this ability but we would like our product managers to be able to moderate any product feedback request topics. 

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Candace! 

    Roles in the Community product aren't that granular, I'm afraid; either you're a Guide Manager and can do everything, or you're not and can do nothing.

    If you're on the Enterprise plan, though, you can give Guide Manager permissions to a custom role you've created for these folks. So that would be looking into, if you're on that plan level!

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