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How can I send email notifications to secondary emails in Support?


Support only sends emails to the primary email address. The secondary email addresses are used to identify user accounts, but outgoing email ticket updates are only sent to the primary email address.

As a workaround, you can create a Target* that represents a secondary email address and build the target into your triggers and automations. However, you would need one target per email address, so this may not be practical, except for limited use.

 Please note targets are unsupported. 

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    This 'workaround' is really a useless suggestion when we have thousands of emails coming in, often from a secondary email associated to a customer account. Is there any update on a system update to send outgoing email ticket notifications to both the primary and secondary email addresses on an account?

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    Bonnie, I think it would be helpful to hear why you have two emails associated with the same user, if you want Zendesk to reply to both?



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