Agent group permissions and searching tickets

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  • Eric Rines

    This does not limit their access to customer emails though under Requester and CC auto completes it seems. Is there a way to limit this as well?

  • Masha Patrakova


    We have agents with Only tickets in agent's groups access who reported not being able to create new users, which they could do in the past. 

    Could this be related to the group access settings in any way?

  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for reaching out! I can understand why you don't want to put all your agents into all the groups, since that would defeat the purposes of them.

    Based on the use case you're describing, you may need to change the permissions of the agents involved. You can set agent access to be "all tickets" either in their user profile or if you're on the Enterprise plan you can set up a custom role that has that access level.

    That's the permissions level that will get them full access to the ticket history without any changes to their groups.


  • Stephen Fusco

    Hi Eric, 

    Unfortunately, there is no way to limit your agent's ability to see the requester on a ticket or to prevent auto-completes when typing in CCs. I see that you have a ticket open with one of our agents right now on this as well so please let them know a bit more about your use case and they may be able to provide some workarounds. 

  • Karen Provost

    My challenge is that I need all my agents to be able to search and view all tickets (especially those that are solved for history purposes) including those that were assigned and completed by groups they may not be in.  


    Agent Sally belongs to the group "Orders".  A call comes in and this particular customer is stating they called in last week and requested XX.  Sally searches the customer and because that customer had spoken with Agent John who is in the "Lead" group, and John solved the ticket Sally cannot find the history becuase she is not in the "Lead" group.


    Is there any way to fix this without putting all agents into all groups as that is NOT a viable solution.

    Any input is appreciated.


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