Creating custom roles and assigning agents

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  • john_weng 翁維澤

    Hi I'm using Professional now, but is interested in Enterprise plan. 

    About Analytics (if Explore is enabled)
    May I know what's the different between "Explore permissions" and "Reports tool in Support"?

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi John!
    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    Explore Permission means features available for Zendesk Explore (if available). While Reports tool in Support is just a basic overview.
    Zendesk Explore is the latest reporting tool we have where in you can create custom reports and check default reports for your account.
  • Clayful

    Hi! How can I set up a role that provides access to the chat product?

    I set up the role to have these permissions but the chat box (below) remains unchecked. I need to provision accounts to new agents in bulk (through Rippling) and need to be able to provide access to the Chat product as a default. 


  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for reaching out to Zendesk Support.
    In regards to your concern, you can create custom roles for Zendesk Chat from the Chat dashboard itself, and go into Settings > Roles. It's separate from the custom role that you have created for Support, Guide, and Talk. 

    Kindly check the screenshot above on where you can access the following. Make sure that you are in the Zendesk Chat page/product. You can go there by clicking the Zendesk product icon from the upper right and then selecting Chat. You will be redirected to the Chat dashboard/page, and from there go to Settings, and you will be able to see the Roles option.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!
    Kind regards,
  • Allen Lai / Head of CX @

    I'd like to create a custom role similar to a Light Agent, where they won't use up a license. Which permissions do not constitute an agent and therefore will not use up a license? Thanks!

  • Vitor Leepkaln

    Hi @...,

    I have the same question as Maria, and would love to get your input.

    We're also looking to automate the user creation process and currently chat comes disabled for all new Support users and we'd like to change that. Is my understanding that needs to be setup from the Chat custom roles side rather than the Support side? Similarly to Maria's, our users are coming with Explore and Guide enabled by default, but Chat doesn't.


    Thank you!


  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Allen Lai / Head of CX @

    We understand that you wish to create a custom role similar to a Light agent. However, the Light Agent role is a special role that cannot be replicated or cloned. This is why when you created a custom role, it treats it as a full agent unlike a light agent. Unfortunately, this is hardcoded in the system and we are unable to create another role type similar to Light Agents.

  • Marvin Fuerst


    I would like to restrict agents from adding tags manually but still have macros apply tags. Is there any configuration that would let us implement this? 

    Thank you!

  • Диана Зубок

    Hi team,
    I have the same question as Marvin and would love to get your input.

  • William Grote

    Since you cant create  a custom role or clone Light Agent role, is there anyway to have certain light agent 'groups' belong to other groups, to make management of ticket visibility easier, rather than setting access one person / one group, at a time?


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering

    Hi Marvin Fuerst and Диана Зубок,

    This is a note from Enabling and disabling ticket tags.

    Note: Disabling manual ticket tagging only removes the ability to add tags via the ticket interface. Agents, admins, and integrations can still add, remove, or modify tags on tickets via the Update Ticket API.

    As it turns out, it's only possible via API.

    Hi William,

    Upon checking, a support ticket has already been created for this concern. Based on the recommendation, nesting group is not yet available in Zendesk. You can still check our Marketplace for any apps with the similar capability.

  • Jay Fallon


    I am interested in an option where we can give macro view access to our agents. To my knowledge this is not an option without enabling them to create/edit/publish macros. The problem I am trying to solve is to have a way for the agents to search existing macros and view the copy within them.  Currently, we house a separate libarary in Confluence to address this. Any assistance would be great. 



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Jay,

    I'm afraid there's no way to accomplish what you're looking for without giving agents the ability to create/edit/publish macros. 
    I would recommend creating a feedback post in our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support) for our Product Managers to review.
    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us!
  • Chin Sin - OCBC

    Hi Zendesk team,

    Is there a way to create a service account? This service account is used only for API calls and cannot be used to login.


    Chin Sin

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ong Chin Sin, thanks for writing in! 
    Natively, there is no service account for API purposes. In Zendesk, you must be a certified user (agent/admin) when using the API and the best practice would be to create a one agent seat or service seat. For example, your use case is for integration, for each integration, we would then recommend generating an individual Token or OAuth per the requirements of the App/Integration.
    More details are described here for your reference: How can I authenticate API requests? 
    Thank you!
  • James Ratcliffe


    I don't see these two permissions on my account:

    • Manage groups
    • Manage organizations

    I do see Manage user fields and Manage organization fields. Is this normal?



  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi James,
    I can confirm that the permissions to manage group or organizations, including assigning users to organizations is baked in the "Can add or modify groups & organizations" permission setting:

    I do understand how the documentation can be confusing so let me take that up with our relevant internal teams here so they can look further into it. Thanks.

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