How can I change the credit card on file for my account? Follow


How can agents update the credit card on file for a Support account?


Only the account owner may update billing information. 

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Subscription.
  2. Below the field Payment method on file select Change
  3. Enter new credit card information in the popup and select Save card.
Note: If you have a managed account, please reach out to your account manager to make any changes to your billing settings.
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    I am the account owner, and I can't seem to find the settings mentioned in your help article to update my cc info.  


    What can i do? 

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    Hey there!

    It's possible that you have a managed account, which means that you would need to contact us directly to get that information updated.

    Just submit a ticket to support (if you haven't already), and they'll get you in touch with the right folks to help you. :)

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