I can't log into the Zendesk Support Help Center

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  • Jens Harald Knudsen

    I have the same problem. I do not have anything called Help Center.


    In "End-user sign-in authentication" only "Zendesk" is enabled.

    Tried resetting a end-user password from login but still got the :

    {"error":"Couldn't authenticate you"}

    What gives?

  • Jens Harald Knudsen

    Alright found the answer myself...

    if anyone else has this problem ... the solution was to activate "zendesk guide"

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Jens! I'm glad you were able to get it fixed, and thanks for coming back to tell us what you figured out!

  • Ronelene Catapang

    Can you help me? I cannot log in to my support account. Thanks!

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Ronelene!

    I'm afraid this isn't something we're able to help with in the Community; it requires account specific information and we can't get that here.

    I see that you have a ticket open with our Support team; they'll be able to help you out!


    showing massage(only google chrome browser)

    Zendesk Support could not be loaded due to an error.
    Please try refreshing and contact our Customer Service team if the problem persists.

    This site is a Zendesk Support help desk. If you see this page frequently, you might want to check the Zendesk Support operational status:



    plz help us 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi there,

    I'm not seeing any other reports of Support being down. Are you able to replicate this issue from another network by chance? If this issue only occurs in your Chrome browser can you try clearing your cache/cookies as mentioned here: Options to clear cache and cookies

    Since this appears to only occur with your Chrome browser it may be worth uninstalling and re-installing Chrome to see if that results the issue.

    Hope this helps!


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