How can a user be created in Zendesk?

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  • Jason Brown
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    The above states that a user will be created when "one of your users replies to a ticket or creates a ticket and CCs another email address, Support creates a new user for that email identity if one does not exist already."

    However we are seeing that when a new email address is CC'd on an incoming email, new users are not being created not added to the ticket's CC list.

    I also found some documentation here that states that emails without a user in the system will not be added. It appears that these two articles have conflicting information:

    We are looking for a way to ensure that new users are created when a new email address is CC'd on either a new or existing ticket.

  • Anna Roussanova
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    Hi Jason, the article you linked is right. The CCed users will not be created as users in the account if the "Anybody can submit tickets" is disabled. I'll update this article to reflect that.


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