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  • Mandy Maleta

    Is there a way to edit an end-users access so that they can still access the help center, but not the web widget (basically only able to see help center articles but unable to submit any support tickets)? 

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    HI Mandy,

    The Web Widget has a couple of levels of access. To make it Help only, toggle off  "Contact form" . Does that give you what you are looking for?

  • Mandy Maleta

    Thanks, Amy. I actually need it set for the following scenario - I have folks that have access to a set of course materials for 8 weeks. During those 8 weeks they can submit tickets for help. After those 8 weeks they can still have access to the help center, but no longer submit tickets for help. Is that possible to setup? 

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    Hi Mandy,

    Yes, I think so. I have done something similar. In my configuration the Help Center requires you to login to view any content. I can then hide the Submit a Request link by default, and then show it only to users who have a specific tag (super-end-user) and therefore user segment. I borrowed some of this solution from other posts and kind of cobbled it together. 

    Here is the specification for my configuration. Perhaps you can adapt it. I do not have any time box on access. 



    Implementation for this solution requires configuration and code changes in both Zendesk Support and Zendesk Guide.

    Zendesk Support Settings

    Settings > Settings > Customers

    • Anybody can submit tickets: Enabled
      Note that hiding access is managed in Guide. See below. 
    • Ask users to register: selected
    • Tags on users and organizations: selected

    Settings > Manager > People > End Users

    • To enable access to submit tickets, add the Tag super-end-user.
    • To block access to content, add the Tag no-support

    Organization and User Tagging

    Managing the visibility of the help center is based on multiple criteria, one of which is tagging. To control visibility, the following tags must be applied/removed as applicable:

    • no-support: Client is ineligible to view the help center or submit requests
    • not-live: Client is permitted to view the help center to assist with training pre-go-live. Permission to submit requests is on a per-user basis.
    • hc: client can view all client facing content


    ZenDesk Guide Settings

    Guide is configured to require a sign in. 

    Once registered, the user can log in to the Help Center. Through the Support configuration, the Submit a request link is visible to all signed in users. The Guide code is then customized to hide this link. It then checks the signed in user for tags. If the tag super.end.user is found, the link is then shown; else, the link remains hidden. 

    Custom code as below was added to the CSS for a custom class to show/hide based on condition; header.hbs to add the show/hide class to the link, and finally script.JS to perform the checks. 

    Code changes below. 

    Settings > Guide Settings > Security

    • Require Sign in: selected

    Themes > Customize > Edit code

    • script.js
    //show HC elements based on user tags
    //first check if the user is an end user. If not, do something else
    if(HelpCenter.user.role==="end_user") {
    //get user tags
    var userTags=HelpCenter.user.tags;
    	//check if any tags are returned. If no tags defined, print to console.
    	if (userTags && userTags.length>0) {
    	//if tags are found, start iterating through using a for loop.
    		for(var i = 0; i < userTags.length; i++ ) {
    			//If the user is a super-end-user, then grant permission to submit tickets. Unhide the submit a request button
    			if (userTags[i] === 'super-end-user') {
    			//unhide submit request button
    			//If the user is tagged for no-support, then he is not permitted to see any content in the help center 
          //nor post to the community. This code hides all of the New Post buttons
    			else if (userTags[i] === 'no-support'){ 
          //hide New Post button
    • styles.css
      /*show role-specific div html*/
      div.no_support {
      display: block;

      /* ====================================================
      things to hide at start up
      ==================================================== */
      a[href$='requests/new'], a.submit-a-request{
      display: none;
    • header.hbs
       <nav class="user-nav" id="user-nav">
      <div class="no_request">{{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}}</div>
    • all community pages (community_*.hbs)
     <div class="no_support"> 
    <span class="post-to-community">
    {{link 'new_post' class='button button-large'}}

    Article Permissions

    Individual article permissions can be managed using standard built-in Zendesk functionality for user segments. Permissions can be set based on tags, email domains, and individual users. 

    User Segments

    @Mandy: You might want to use user segments to determine who can see the courses

    Course  Visibility: Organization tag course.







  • Mandy Maleta

    Thanks! I've tried the allow and block list option too but it is not working as I had hoped. I may hop over there and ask a few questions as well. Thanks again!

  • Christian Carrion

    Is there a way to add an end user into the system with only a phone number and name, the same way a phone API bot would?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Christian,

    Yes, when adding a new user manually, you can leave the email address blank, and then click "+ add contact" to add the phone number once you're taken automatically to the new user's profile. (Obviously a user with no email address will not receive any email notifications from their tickets, though.)

  • Bram

    Article is not up to date (new admin section).

    How can I enable agents to create end users?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Bram, 
    All your agents can create end-users by doing the provided instructions above except those with restricted ticket access. Are any of your agents having a problem creating an end-user? 
  • Dror Sabbag


    is there an automatic way to add users as soon as they have been registered in our product?


  • Jess F - Brain Train

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to make specific end user fields (including custom ones) conditional/mandatory before being able to add the user? 

  • Andrew Osborne

    Link at the bottom of article 


    1. See Viewing a user’s profile in Zendesk Support for information about default user fields.

    doesn't exist.
  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jess, 

    There are several ways on How can a user be created in Zendesk? Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to make custom fields mandatory. However, you can automatically fill out custom fields via API
  • Lori Anne Graziano

    Hello - My Agents can no longer add End-Users - per the above - there is a note that Agents with restricted ticket access can't create or edit end users.  - when did this change as they were able to do so previously and they did not have access to All Tickets

    Note: Agents with restricted ticket access (that is, access set to anything other than All tickets) can't create or edit end users using the steps in this article.

  • Deandrea Lewis

    Lori Anne Graziano I have the exact same issue and I am searching for an answer as well.

    Perhaps someone from Zendesk can confirm how to allow agents to create tickets but not be able to see all tickets. We have several departments that use Zendesk and it is not appropriate for all Zendesk users to be able to search all Zendesk tickets

  • Deandrea Lewis

    Correction - create tickets to new end users without being able to search all tickets


  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict access to tickets and allow end-users to create or edit end users. As the article suggests, in order to achieve this, the agents will need to have access to All tickets. 

    Thanks for your comprehension! 
  • Mark H

    hi Gabriel, 

    I am picking up on what Lori and Deandrea have raised

    "Agents with restricted ticket access (that is, access set to anything other than All tickets) can't create or edit end users."

    This is not ideal for us.  We use Zendesk for HR Request Management, our HR staff in one region should not see HR tickets for another, this could affect how we manage personal data.  

    For us the functionality of a Agent creating a new End User is not related to their Ticket Access.  A agent should be able to manually create users and manage tickets for the users in their groups.

    Gabriel, can you explain why end-user Creation/Edit is not possible for Agents with restricted ticket access, and was this always the case?

    thanks, Mark

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Lori Anne Graziano, Deandrea Lewis, and Mark H

    The Support Enterprise and Suite Enterprise and above subscription levels allow the creation of custom agent roles, which would allow you to allow agents restricted to tickets assigned to their groups to create end-users. See Creating custom roles and assigning agents

  • Lori Anne Graziano

    Hello - I have not made any changes for years on access levels for our agents and now they are having issues adding end users.  What has Zendesk changed?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Lori,

    Did you recently upgrade your Zendesk plan or downgrade by chance? It's possible that you got access to custom roles due to plan changes or maybe those permissions were removed if you downgraded. I'd recommend taking a look at your custom roles and making sure the permissions are set up correctly as mentioned here:
    Happy to look into this further with you if you're still not able to get this working properly.
    Keep us posted!
  • Lori Anne Graziano

    no, we have not upgraded or downgraded our plan nor make permission changes.  I did have to give the agents access to all tickets as a workaround so they can perform their job and add new users as needed but this is not ideal.  thanks


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