Chart types for comparing trends over time

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  • Gal Zohar
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    Can you stack the secondary axis?

    I am looking for it in "Chart" and in "Secondary Axis" menus and can't find it. I have a few metrics as lines in the main axis (working great), and two more metrics as secondary columns, which show up side by side - I am trying to get them stacked. Is that possible?

  • Patrick Bosmans
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    Hey Gal,

    The only way you can stack is if the metrics are on the main axis.  Secondary axes do not offer the "stack" option.  I might suggest switching to those metrics from dual to main and seeing if that offers the query look that you were hoping for.

    I would also ask if you wouldn't mind posting in our Product Feedback forum about adding this feature set to the platform as I am sure others would also be interested is this as well! 


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